Advantage over Vending

I’ve got a vending machine, why do I need this?

Consider the advantages of a Freshments micro-market over traditional vending for both you as a facility owner or company director and your employees or tenants.

Facility owners, HR directors, and company leadership will enjoy the markets because of:

  • Increased workforce productivity from easily accessible healthy foods in the afternoon avoiding the dreaded “2 o’clock” slump
  • Open door equipment to minimize service calls
  • No empty machines or “hung” products
  • Reduce overhead with environmentally friendly equipment, low cost to operate
  • No company manpower dedicated to the micro-market due to customer issues
    • No more accounting issues, service issues, or refund hassles

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Your employees will enjoy the markets because of:

  • A large selection of foods to browse
  • Healthy and Fresh foods
  • Clean, modern equipment
  • Availability of preferred food item ensured
  • No frustration by a “hung” product

Your employees will appreciate the freshness and the variety of food items by browsing the selection before they buy. Their problem will be refining their selection from the many options available!

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