How does it work?

Freshments installs and maintains the micro-market systems. Daily operation involves, employees simply browsing the variety of items, scanning the item’s UPC symbol, and paying at the self-checkout kiosk. This self-checkout kiosk is specifically designed for usage in office buildings and manufacturing facilities. Individuals are able to pay with either a personal credit card or their Freshments Market Keytag. This keytag is linked to their personal Freshments account—allowing them to reload their keytag on our secure online portal and collect loyalty points.

Freshments handles billing, maintenance, customer service – what could be easier?

What would make your space right for a market?

  • An employee area that could be designated as a market location
  • Power supply and internet access for the kiosk system and coolers
  • A willingness to offer healthy choices and boost moral!

At start-up, design consultants will assist in maximizing the space and selecting the equipment that is right for your particular building’s application. Freshments prides itself in offering no pre-planned solutions – but provides all of the information necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your particular facility.

Is your facility a good fit for a Freshments market? To get more information on how a market will impact your work environment, contact us.