Why Markets?

Without impacting other aspects of your organization, the Freshments micro-market approach is easily setup and maintained—there is no need for additional dedicated employees. Your Freshment micro-market will prove to be an adjunct a company’s wellness program –a win-win for you and your employees! And as popularity grows, the advantages of a Freshments market compound!

Facility owners, HR directors, and company leadership will enjoy the markets because of:

  • Larger percentages of employees remain on site for meals, boosting work moral through camaraderie
  • Reduced losses in efficiency from employees leaving the office during their lunch hour
  • A welcome addition to an organization’s wellness program
  • No company manpower dedicated to the maintenance, supply, and operation of the Freshments micro-market
  • Minimal impact to overhead due to green, energy-efficient equipment

Hear what facility owners are saying about their Freshments market.

Employees will enjoy Freshments micro-markets because of:

  • The ability to browse items before making a selection
  • A wide variety of foods from which to choose, including traditional favorites and healthy, fresh products
  • Quick, easy checkout – no standing in a cafeteria line
  • Loyalty points that can be used for discounts and free products
  • Deli-style meal options

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