To Whom It May Concern:

We are a very busy and active place. Our associates’ needs are such that our service needs to be seamless, professional, and provide the products we want everyday.

At CSI Laboratories, we needed a program that supported our wellness initiative, as well as our associates’ lifestyle. the many healthy choices, energy bars, and fresh food options that Freshments delivers immediately sourced the product for us. We really like that kind of support and attention to our needs.

If you have a vending program now – expect changes and options that will be an upgrade for everyone. Our staff has been very supportive of the program and this has helped us improve our employee satisfaction. I highly recommend this vending solution.

Anthony Perez
Director, Operations

We have been using Vendedge for almost a year and have absolutely no regrets.

The service is superior and the quality of the products could never be matched by vending machines. Our representative is always available and eager to offer alternate solutions to keep the selection varied and interesting.

Having initiated a Wellness Program, we wanted to institute a healthy alternative for our employees and they have totally embraced the fresh market approach of Avanti Market.

The installation of the K-cup coffee service has been applauded by our employees since they now have an unlimited selection of gourmet coffee from mild to bold, pleasing our most discriminating coffee connoisseurs. We were so pleased that we added a K-cup to our conference rooms and received rave reviews from our guests. No more stale coffee sitting in the thermal carafes all day!

Vendedge is a wise choice for anyone wanting to impress and please their employees and customers.

Susan Beck
Office Manager
OPTI Medical Systems, Inc.