The Freshment Difference

Freshments identified and analyzed the problems with past food service installations at manufacturing offices and cafeterias. Vending machines didn’t offer enough selection; cafeterias required full time staff and had long service lines. By recognizing these past limitations, Freshments was able to redesign the facility food service, increasing selection while providing around-the-clock availability to great food—without the need for additional employee overhead.

At Freshments, we focus on providing the freshest and most delicious dining options to our customers. While competitors may only offer traditional vending foods, we team with local gourmet chefs to deliver fresh foods, including sandwiches, salads, and gourmet entrees for employees. We also ensure that the markets are stocked with crisp local fruits and vegetables. All of our market installations use environmentally friendly technologies, reducing the cost of operation.

While others may offer a micro-market service, we offer full scale, refined, and tailored solution for each facility. Potential customers always know when they are experiencing a Freshments micro-market, and we are proud that we’ve built this reputation by focusing on the right things.

We’re excited at the potential of building a relationship with you and your company!